Clay Materials

Modified clay material is a technological innovation, that the base materials —clay being constituted without high temperature heating process. Modified clay product is versatile that it can be as like soft plastic or reasonably hard. The colour tones are naturally derived from virgin clay without any use of colour pigments. Modified clay material can be shaped either in roll,piece,board and panel forms
by using unfired manufacturing system and process.Yet,the natural characteristics of the virgin clay remains, giving benefits of fire retardant, readability, nontoxic,durability and respectability.

Breathable, Moisture Regulating Building Material

Unfired Clay is made from a blend of unfired clay and sands. The most attractive are their functional properties, principally, that of breath ability and known abilities to regulate relative humidity (RH). Next to air tightness and embodied energy, breath ability is possibly the most critical consideration in building design.