This department is responsible for the development of quality assurance procedures and implement the company integrated management system policy.

The management and staff of Spartan Ready Mix & Tiles Co. committed to the quality assurance program of the company. The company strives hard continuously improves the level of quality in executing projects.

The company upholds the quality principles and objectives at the start of each new project and construction practice in driven by those quality objectives,The Company is committed in the selection of their personnel and family believes in delivering quality and timely delivery.

Spartan internal operations are governed by several documents, which are all controlled in a systematic manner documents are numbered with unique identification references projects quality plans are strictly enforced to achieve corporate quality goals in successfully completing projects on schedule and to the expectation of our client.

Each company activity is treated as a process and a chart is prepared which is then converted into a procedure. Quality control measures are introduced at various levels and the process is completed in a quality- controlled environment6 thus, achieving a benchmark for each company activity, which allows documentation tractability & accountability in order to measure and check levels of quality.

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